ONE MINUTE  (Sept. 10, 2011)

Saturday morning!   Great!  Another weekend!  And I sure hope that after your bath or when you first pass by the mirror you, stop! Look into your eyes – that is you.  I sincerely wish you take one minute (believe me, it is a looong time if your mind is trying to take you somewhere else). That one minute in front of yourself, look into your eyes and ponder:

– If I were rich, no economic problems and if I could do anything I wanted to….what would that be?

Try to think of what you most want in life. What have you placed, hidden, in that far away corner of your soul.  No, not a new car, that is the restless mind not having anything to do.  🙂  No, not that new blouse you saw yesterday. That will come and it will go.

Think a lot deeper. It is there, whatever it is that makes you happy. You, only you.

Give yourself this minute today.  Don´t get frustrated if you didn´t feel or see exactly what makes you alive, free and happy. It will come when life thinks you are ready for it.  Practice looking inside of yourself.

Now… you have exactly one minute to see the truth.

If you succumb to your mind´s orders and leave, thinking you can do that later, do this next time you pass your face reflecting on the mirror. But do it. Because today is later than yesterday and yesterday is later than a year ago; later than last week and a minute ago… the minute you have lost.

The sun is shining today… hope this one minute brings sunshine to lighten your life!

A hug in your heart!

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