The Alder Tree

   “Alder tree undressing for winter – almost as if we shouldn’t be watching.”
  Terrill Welch


“The alder is a tree that supports and protects physically, emotionally, and spiritually. “

“The alder reminds us of the need to blend strength and courage with generosity of spirit and compassion. There is a time to challenge things and a time to hold our peace.  The alder teaches us this discrimination and the need to see beneath the surface of things.

        The Wisdom of Trees, Jane Gifford.


In ancient Greece Cronos was represented by an alder tree. In Norse legends March was known as the ‘lengthening month of the waking alder’. In Irish legend the first human male was created from alder, and the first female from rowan. Alder’s burning qualities have always been prized amongst metal workers and smiths. It was known for its hot charcoal. As a tree which ‘bleeds’, alder is bound up in the legends of the Rollright stones in Oxfordshire where the King Stone, which stands alone, was once reputedly associated with a grove of alder trees. Alder was anciently renowned as the best wood to use for whistles and pipes. Such was the reputed harmony of the music played on alder pipes that the topmost branch of the alder tree became known as the ‘oracular singing head’ of Bran. The purple colour of alder’s leaf-buds is especially associated with Bran, and is called ‘royal purple’.

from:  one of R.Thorn´s posts retrieved from JM Paterson, A Tree in Your Pocket.


* PHOTO:  Captured by the only, fantastic Terrill Welch.


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