Who am I

 This is me, another human being.  

Oh, yes, I could easily post many things I have done and studied; list the diplomas and certificates, but then, what is    more important than being a human being?   It is the hardest job there is and one might not even pass the course when D-Day comes.   We aren´t even sure about the syllabus!  Who´s handing it out, where should we pick up a copy? Does it exist?


I am Sandra Dolores, a hermit, a book lover, a student, a happy person, a sad person; maker of cloth dolls; owner of a lifelong Teddy Bear.  I am my daughter´s mother;  she is my friend.  I have a soulmate; he is my friend.  I am a teacher, a storyteller; a person that forgets, that remembers, that is here, that is there…

And with all the things that I can keep mentioning and adding on,  it all adds up to, just, being a human being.  Simply human, simply being.

Now, for those who need diplomas, certificates and proof of my being serious, especially for writing online, I will share the conquests in a different form. Hope you enjoy!

Hermit – yes, you need to have a diploma for being one, just by living in a cave and yet normally amongst people, so to say.  No one coming over, no birthdays to go to… etc.  Just fine.  It is incredible how much I see. As a blind man has the sense of touch, hearing…. I have perfected my sight and my observation has grown keen.  Fantastic what one can see and capture when he/she is not occupied being part of the human race!  Joy!

Cloth doll maker – http://www.precioushugs.com

And now, for what people call the serious stuff – 🙂    a Bachelor´s degree in Philosophy;  Post-Graduate degree in Clinical Philosophy- practicing; Diploma in Music Theory; Diploma in the History of Art….  and so on.


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